Rank Math review: The best SEO plugin in 2024?


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93 / 100

Result of our test : 4.9/5

Big possibilities with the free version. Without doubt the best in its field today. Fun and very fluid interface. Easy to use and install. Very good alternative to Yoast SEO.

Do you want to develop the SEO of your site but you find it too complicated?

Don’t worry, some plugins will help you optimize your natural referencing.

Without good SEO, you can say goodbye to the top positions in search engines. You might have a beautiful site, but no visitors…

To solve this problem, we are going to present to you a natural referencing extension : Rank Math. Read this full review carefully if you want to know more about this tool.

🕰️ No time to read everything? Here’s what you need to remember:

👉 Automatic configuration: Rank Math configures itself perfectly for your website with a few options to set.
👉 Super Fast SEO Plugin: One of the fastest plugins for WordPress even with so many features.
👉 Automatic keyword suggestions from Google: Get keyword suggestions to optimize your content.
👉 SEO Analyzer: Provides valuable SEO recommendations to improve your SEO.
👉 Translation Plugin Support: Rank Math works great with the best translation plugins.
👉 XML Sitemap: Rank Math generates a fast-loading sitemap for your site.


Rank Math Overview

Launched in 2018 in New Delhi, Rank Math is an SEO plugin which today has more than 1.3 million users. It is one of the most popular SEO extensions ( 4.9/5 with more than 4500 reviews on WordPress ).

This WordPress SEO plugin will give you the opportunity to improve the optimization of your website’s content. All this while having recommendations for improvements to the tool.

Here is the Rank Math dashboard interface that you will have on WordPress.


tableau bord rank math

Who is Rank Math for?

The Rank Math tool was designed to adapt to all website sizes. It works equally well on small blogs as well as large authority sites.

Initially, this tool is aimed at people who do not necessarily have a large budget for their sites. Indeed, Rank Math offers a free version of its very complete and sufficient extension for your beginners.

Secondly, Rank Math will be aimed at people who want to push the SEO of their site even further. For this, the extension is available in premium version with additional features.

At the end of this article, we will show you other natural referencing extensions according to your needs.

The major features of Rank Math

As we told you just before, Rank Math offers two types of features, free and paid.

Free features: 

When it comes to this part, Rank Math is often considered the best free SEO plugin . Indeed, it offers you a large number of possibilities and actions to improve your content. Here are the key options available on WordPress.

1/ General SEO settings: 

The links : 

  • Automatic Nofollow attribution.
  • Attachment redirection.
  • Opening a new tab when clicking on a link.

Breadcrumb :

  • Ability to activate or deactivate breadcrumbs.
  • Customizing this part with separators, adding prefixes, hiding the page title, etc.

Images :

  • Added missing ALT attributes automatically.
  • Adding title tags to an image automatically.

Webmaster tools:

  • Connect to multiple tools by simply entering a code.
  • Google Search Console, Outils Webmaster Bing, Yandex, Baidu Webmaster Tool, Pinterest et Norton Safe Web.


  • Custom redirect URL.
  • Choice of redirection type ( 301, 302, 307, 410, 451 ).
  • Automatic redirection.

Statistics :

  • Link to GSC and Google Analytics account.

2/ Titles and meta:

General metadata:

  • Miniature OpenGraph.
  • Carte Twitter.
  • Capitalization of titles automatically.
  • Metadata for robots ( index, noindex, nofollow, nosnippet, etc. ).

SEO Local :

  • Company Name.
  • Logo.

Miscellaneous pages: 

  • Customization of pages like 404.
  • The same goes for search pages.
  • These can be put in noindex.

Customizing post types:

  • Automation of article titles and descriptions.
  • Choice of diagram type.
  • Same functions for pages.

3/ Sitemap settings:

General :

  • Maximum number of links.
  • Insertion des images.
  • Exclude posts.

Types of publications:

  • Include posts, pages, attached files in the sitemap.
  • The same goes for categories and taxonomies.

4/ Analyse SEO :

Basic SEO: 

  • Number of common keywords.
  • Meta description length.
  • Analysis of H1 and H2, but also ALT tags.
  • The link ratio.
  • etc.

SEO advanced:

  • Previewed in search results on desktop and phone.
  • Site preview on mobile.

Performance :

  • Minified CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Page weight.
  • Response time.

Paid features:

Rank Math offers paid features to improve the SEO of your content.

1/ Statistics: 

Google AdSense : 

  • Google AdSense support integration

Analyse SEO :

  • Ability to see SEO analytics for each page and article.
  • View won/lost keywords.
  • Location history tracking.
  • Track rankings for important keywords.

2/ Schema and structured data:

Plan : 

  • 20+ predefined diagram types.
  • Import schematics from other websites
  • Advanced Schema Builder ( advanced SEOs can use it to create any complex Schema markup ).
  • Schematic templates for automation.
  • Schema conditional markup.
  • Preview and validate embedded schema code.
  • Multiple localization scheme on any page (using shortcode).

3/ Automation:

Images :

  • Image SEO Automation
  • Advanced image filtering
  • Watermark for your images

Les posts :

  • Advanced post filtering
  • Bulk actions ( index, noindex, redirect, etc. )
  • Quickly edit SEO details
  • Bulk import of SEO meta details using a CSV file.

Videos and social networks:

  • Automatic detection of videos and generation of Schema tags for them.
  • Automatic recovery of thumbnail and duration of YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • Automatic extraction of Facebook thumbnails

4/ Other features:

Improved workflows:

  • Internal Role Manager
  • Integrated Google Trends insights
  • Site audit with 29 unique tests
  • Importing redirects using a CSV file
  • Categorize redirects to group them
  • One-Click Redirect for 404s
  • Monitoring search performance of the entire portfolio
  • Simple and advanced mode

WooCommerce SEO : 

  • Automatic schema for WooCommerce products.
  • Advanced Open Graph tags for WooCommerce products.
  • NoIndex automatic hidden products.
  • Removed WooCommerce product and category database.
  • Add custom brands to products.

Divers : 

  • Supports bbPress SEO et BuddyPress SEO.
  • Version control + rolling back or testing beta versions.

Prices for Rank Math


As with many tools today, this extension starts with a free offer. It then offers several paid offers to go further.

With Rank Math, the free offer is very sufficient for a basic website with a few dozen or even hundreds of pages. You will have all the features necessary to properly build your site .

In addition, the platform has 3 paid offers:

  • The Pro offer : intended for bloggers, individuals and single people with a business. With this offer, you will be able to use the Premium version on an unlimited number of personal sites . You will also have the possibility to track 500 keywords. The price of this offer is $59/year excluding taxes.
  • The Enterprise offer : as its name suggests, it is intended for businesses and small agencies. Unlike the Pro version, you can only use it on 100 customer sites. However, you will be able to track more keywords : 10,000. The price is $199/year.
  • The Agency offer : here it is intended for large agencies with many clients. You can use it on 500 customer websites . And you will be able to track 50,000 keywords. The price is $499/year.

If you are doing affiliate marketing , we advise you to take the first offer. It is more than sufficient and you can also use it on all your sites.

tarif rankmath

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rank Math

Using Rank Math on our sites, we can give you the pros and cons.


✅ Lots of functions for structured data.

​​✅ Compatible with WooCommerce.

✅ Metadata automation.

✅ Guidance during installation.

✅ Very good free version.

✅ Use the paid version on an unlimited number of WordPress sites.

The inconvenients

❌ Lots of functions, you can quickly get lost.

❌ Blocking with other plugins.

In summary: our opinion on Rank Math


If you are tired of Yoast SEO, Rank Math is definitely the best solution. It is the ideal tool for On-Page optimization of your sites. Moreover, with the very good rating and the numerous opinions on this plugin, you will certainly not go wrong by choosing it.

In terms of the free version, this is the extension that offers you the most features. We can cite all the rich snippets, the local SEO pack , but also the redirection function.

Another big advantage of Rank Math is that you can activate or deactivate a function with a single click on the dashboard. Very practical if you want to do some tests.

You will have understood, the free version is very sufficient for your beginnings as an SEO. However, it would be smart to upgrade to the Pro version if you want to take your site’s SEO a little further.

In addition, if you are an agency it is all the more important to subscribe to a premium version. This will allow you to optimize your clients’ site .

The alternative to Rank Math

There are tons of SEO plugins . If you’re not a fan of Rank Math, we can offer you a small list of alternatives.

  • SEOPress : This plugin is a good alternative to Rank Math. It is a tool that has many functions. In addition, it is very intuitive and easy to set up. However, it is missing some important features (eg: breadcrumbs). SEOPress still remains agood free extensionthat we recommend.
  • All in One SEO : This is undoubtedly the benchmark in terms ofpaid SEO plugin. It is a very complete and versatile tool. By choosing it, you will get a large number of very important functions. However, what greatly hinders its use is the price. Prices range from $49.5 for the Basic version to $299.5 for the Elite version.
  • Yoast SEO : The main competitor to Rank Math, Yoast SEO is the most used SEO tool on websites. As with other extensions you will have many features useful for good development. Yoast SEO also offers a premium version starting at $99.

How to properly use Rank Math? 

Once you have downloaded the plugin, go to WordPress and launch it there to start configuring the settings.

Basic settings

At the start of your configuration, the tool will ask you to create an account or not. You are free to choose. Then you will have the possibility to transfer your data from another plugin ( Yoast SEO for example ).

Then comes the part about setting up your site . This part will be used to indicate the type of site ( blog, e-commerce, etc. ), but also the name of the site and the logo.

You can then associate the plugin with your Google Analytics and Search Console, as in the photo below. You will need a Rank Math account to use this option.

google rank math statistics

Afterwards you will have the possibility to adjust your sitemap.

sitemap rank math

As you can see Rank Math offers you a lot of possibilities. The choice to include photos or not, choose the types of publications, etc. The sitemap will therefore automatically be sent to Google.

Finally in the last part it will be about SEO optimization . You will have the possibility to put your links in Nofollow, to open a new tab for external links. But also to archive categories and labels in Noindex.

URL redirects

Once the basic settings are configured, we will show you how to make a redirection. Maybe you don’t need it now but it will be very useful later. First of all, go to the “ Redirection ” section.

redirections rank math

You will then need to click on the “ Add ” button at the top of the page. A dialog box like this will appear.

Then indicates the source URL then the destination URL. You will also need to choose the type of redirection. Finally, validate and add the redirection at the bottom of the page.

Optimisation On-Page

Concerning the other settings, it is very simple to set them up so we go directly to the On-Page part. Here it will be about improving the referencing of a particular page.

donnees seo rank math

As you can see above, Rank Math shows SEO data on the right. You will see a score out of 100 based on a predefined query.

Then go to the page or article you want. You will see your SEO score on the right then click on it.

score seo wordpress rank math

This box will then appear. It lets you know how to improve this score. This can be with adding the keyword in the metadata, adding image, links, etc. You will also have other important data like your Hn structure or your slug.

If you use Elementor don’t worry. The plugin works great with the theme builder. You just have to click on “ SEO ” when you open your page with Elementor.

score seo elementor rank math


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