Google Launches Artificial Intelligence Tool for Users to Practice English


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Google is testing a new “Speaking Practice” feature in Search that helps users improve their spoken English skills . The company said the feature is available in Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Venezuela to English learners participating in Search Labs, its program for users to try out early-stage Google Search experiences.

Let’s state it for the company. He states that the aim of the experiment is to help users improve their English skills by having them participate in interactive language learning exercises powered by artificial intelligence to help them use new words in everyday scenarios. Details are in our news…

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Launch of New Feature Paves the Way for a Real Rival to Google’s Language Learning Apps Like Duolingo and Babbel

The speaking practice is based on a feature Google launched last October designed to help English learners improve their skills. Launched last year, the feature allows English learners to practice speaking sentences in context and receive feedback on grammar and clarity, while adding the dimension of speaking practice, back-and-forth practice.

It should be noted that this feature was first noticed by an X user who shared screenshots of the functionality in use.

The conversation app works by asking the user a conversation question that they must answer using certain words. According to the screenshots, one of the possible scenarios is that the artificial intelligence tells the user that he wants to get in shape, and then asks: “What should I do?” he might ask. The user will then need to provide a response that includes the words “exercise,” “heart,” and “tired.”

The idea behind this feature is to help English learners speak English while also helping them understand how to use different words correctly.

The launch of the new feature suggests that Google may be laying the groundwork for a true rival to language learning apps like Duolingo and Babbel. This isn’t the first time Google has dabbled in language learning and education tools, either. In 2019, Google launched a feature that allowed Search users to practice how to pronounce words correctly.


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