Quillbot Review: Is it the best paraphrasing tool in 2024?


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90 / 100

Our review of Quillbot is positive . It’s a powerful tool that can significantly facilitate and improve your writing process . However, it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for careful human review, especially for jobs of high importance or delicate nature.

The art of weaving new sentences from old ones, without losing their essence, is a crucial skill in today’s information-saturated world.

Whether to inject new life into an already existing text, to present complex ideas in a simplified way, or to ensure academic integrity , paraphrasing is a powerful tool in the arsenal of anyone who writes.

This requires not only creativity , but also a deep understanding of the original text.

Faced with this challenge, a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot emerges as a valuable solution, allowing you to reshape and revitalize your writing with ease, but also unparalleled originality . Here is our full test :

🕰️ No time to read everything? Here’s what you need to remember about Quillbot:

👉 Grammar Checker : An essential tool that corrects grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors for more professional writing.
👉 Plagiarism Checker : Protect yourself against plagiarism by comparing your texts with billions of sources, ensuring the originality and accuracy of your citations.
👉 Co-Writer : Stimulate your creativity with suggestions to enrich your writing, whether for academic, professional or creative work.
👉 Summarizer : Condenses the essentials of long documents quickly, allowing you to save time and better understand the content.
👉 Citation Generator : Simplifies the creation of bibliographic references by generating citations in APA, MLA, Chicago, and other formats.


Quillbot Overview

For everyone operating in today’s digital world, whether in academic, professional, or creative fields, writing accurately and effectively has become more important than ever.

This is where Quillbot comes into the picture . It is an innovative and versatile tool designed to enrich and refine your writing . It offers you a complete suite of services making it easier to improve the quality of your writing while ensuring its originality and conformity.


quillbot interface

Who is Quillbot for?

Quillbot , with its versatility and multiple features , is aimed at a wide range of users. Whether you are a student , writer , content creator or professional, this tool can significantly improve the quality of your writing . Here are some of the main profiles that will benefit greatly from Quillbot:

  • Students and academics : Ideal for writing plagiarism-free research papers, ensuring authenticity and academic quality.
  • Writers and Content Creators : A great asset for those looking to refine their writing style and produce original, engaging content.
  • Professionals : Perfect for those who need to communicate in a clear, concise and error-free manner, whether in emails, reports or official documents.

The main features of Quillbot

If you are looking for an assistant for your writing , Quillbot is the perfect tool for you. It offers you a range of features to improve and simplify your writing :

Grammar Checker

Quillbot’s grammar checker is a must-have for perfecting your French. It analyzes and corrects your texts by detecting grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, making your writing clearer and professional .

grammar checker quillbot

QuillBot Plagiarism Checker

To protect you against plagiarism , Quillbot compares your work with billions of sources. It helps you ensure the originality of your documents and make correct citations.


Quillbot is here to stimulate your creativity . Its co-editor suggests ideas to enrich your writing , whether for professional or personal work.

co-writer quillbot


Quillbot’s summarizer is a handy tool for condensing information . It allows you to quickly grasp the gist of long documents, helping you save time and better understand the content.

summarize quillbot

Quote Generator

Quillbot’s citation generator makes it easy to create bibliographic references. It generates citations in APA, MLA, Chicago and other styles, simplifying your research and academic work.

Prices for Quillbot


Quillbot offers you two distinct plans to meet your writing requirements. Here is a guide to help you choose the one that suits you best:

Free plan

If you’re new to using writing tools or your needs are occasional, Quillbot’s Free plan is a great place to start. This free plan gives you access to basic features , allowing you to discover how Quillbot can improve your writing . However, keep in mind that there are limits, particularly in terms of the number of words you can process and access to more advanced tools.

Premium Plan 

For those looking for more comprehensive writing assistance , Quillbot’s Premium plan is the ideal solution. Starting at $19.95 per month , with monthly , semi-annual and annual payment options , you’ll have unlimited access to all of Quillbot’s advanced features. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Unlimited paraphraser : No limit on the number of words, ideal for large-scale writing projects.
  • Predefined and custom modes : A variety of rewriting modes to adapt your text to different contexts and styles.
  • Extended Summarizer : Capable of processing up to 6,000 words, perfect for summarizing long documents.
  • Plagiarism Checker : Scans up to 20 pages per month for plagiarism, ensuring the originality and integrity of your work.
  • Paraphrase History : Keep track of your edits and revisions for effective management of your writing project.
quillbot prices

Advantages and disadvantages

Quillbot is a versatile tool that can be a great asset in different writing contexts. Like any tool, it has a series of advantages and disadvantages that are important to know to use it best.


✅ Quillbot is suitable for a wide variety of users and needs.

✅ It helps refine the quality of writing, correcting errors and proposing reformulations.

✅ Prevention of plagiarism guaranteeing the authenticity of texts.

✅ With a free plan available, Quillbot is accessible to everyone.

The inconvenients

❌ Limited in number of words, which can be restrictive for intensive use.

❌ Reliance on AI lacking the nuance and precision that a human eye could provide.

In summary: our opinion on Quillbot


As regular Quillbot users , we have been able to experience the benefits and challenges of this tool first-hand. Here is our opinion based on our personal experience , to help you understand what Quillbot can bring to your writing.

We’ve often used Quillbot for a variety of projects, from writing blog posts to creating content for social media . Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects is its ability to transform complex sentences into clearer, more direct formulations.

However, there were times when we had to revisit the work done by Quillbot . For example, when using the plagiarism checker , we sometimes found it necessary to manually compare suggested sources to ensure complete accuracy .

Likewise, although the summarizer is a convenient tool, there were times when we needed to adjust the generated summaries to ensure they fully captured the essence of the original documents.

Alternatives to Quillbot

Quillbot is undoubtedly a great writing tool , but it’s not the only one on the market. Depending on your specific needs , you might consider other options that offer different features. Here are some interesting alternatives:

  • Unique Content: If you are looking for a solution fororiginal and creative writing, this is an excellent option. It is particularly useful for content creators looking to produce unique and captivating text.
  • Paraphraser.io : For those looking to rephrase their texts to avoid repetitiveness or improve clarity , this is a wise choice. This tool allows you to refresh your existing content, offering wording alternatives that maintain the original meaning while providing a new perspective.
  • Outwrite : It presents itself as a perfect choice for those looking to polish and improve the quality of their writing. Not only does this tool correct grammatical and spelling mistakes, but it also offers suggestions for improving the structure and style of your sentences.

How to use Quillbot correctly?

To get the most out of Quillbot and optimize your writing process, here are some key steps to follow. These tips will allow you to make the most of the capabilities of this versatile tool.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Interface : Take the time to familiarize yourself with the Quillbot interface. Explore the different tabs and features to understand how each can serve your specific writing needs.
  2. Use the Grammar Checker : Start by using the grammar checker to correct obvious errors in your texts. It’s a quick and effective way to improve the quality of your writing without considerable effort.
  3. Experiment with the Co-Writer for creative ideas : If you’re experiencing a creative block or simply looking to enrich your writing, use Quillbot’s Co-Writer. He can suggest alternative formulations and give you ideas for developing your points of view.
  4. Use the Summarizer to condense information : For long or complex documents, use the Quillbot summarizer. This will allow you to quickly grasp the essential points without having to read the entire text.
  5. Check originality with the Plagiarism Checker : Before finalizing a document, especially if it is intended for a publication or academic submission, run it through the plagiarism checker to ensure its originality.
  6. Generate citations : If your document requires references, use the citation generator to create properly formatted citations. This will save you a lot of time and ensure you meet academic standards


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