Elementor review: The #1 page builder of the moment? (2024)


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88 / 100

Result of our test : 4.9/5

Elementor is a very powerful and easy to use Page Builder. This tool also has a very large theme library. You will get access to several widgets that will give you the opportunity to optimize your site.

A page builder is a tool, free or not, that will allow you to build a site very simply. Many of these builder themes use the drag and drop technique .

It is a technique that has revolutionized the site publishing market. Indeed, thanks to this you can design and see in real time the modifications you make to your page . And all this without writing a line of code.

With a page builder, a site can be created in just a few days and be very functional. It’s the best way to build multiple sites easily and quickly.

This is why we are going to present to you what is surely the best page builder for WordPress , it is Elementor. Now discover our complete test …

🕰️ No time to read everything? Here’s what you need to remember:

👉 The drag and drop editor: Real-time design of your pages without coding knowledge.
👉 Mobile-friendly themes: Possibility of having a responsive site for a better user experience and better SEO.
👉 Elementor Library: Start with a site template and easily customize it, without the required knowledge.
👉 Integration with MailChimp: Combine Elementor with marketing tools for an effective newsletter and a large contact list.
👉 Complete customization: Possibility of personalizing each element of your site to your taste, for a unique and professional site.
👉 SEO optimization: SEO features to improve your site’s SEO.
👉 Compatibility with WooCommerce: Ability to create professional and personalized online stores.


Elementor Overview

Elementor is an Israeli company that was created in 2016. Their tool allows WordPress users to design websites easily . And this is done using the drag and drop technique.

Elementor’s goal is to give anyone access to building sites . Whether you are a beginner, an expert or just curious about the web, you now have the opportunity to create a high-performance, stylish website in a few days. The best part is that you don’t need any technical knowledge ( or almost ).

Today, nearly 4 million people use this tool daily. Which makes it the most popular WordPress Page Builder .

If it is so popular it is obviously thanks to its drag and drop function , but also thanks to its intuitive interface . In addition, Elementor has a free version with lots of features so you can get started with site creation.


elementor home page

Who is the Elementor WordPress Page Builder for?

Elementor is a page builder aimed at anyone using WordPress . This can be an amateur in site creation as well as a web agency with a large client portfolio.

It is a very useful tool for making a page more dynamic , but also for improving its conversion . Whether you are a marketer or a UX specialist you can just as easily use it.

First of all, if you are an average WordPress user and you want to optimize a page, this is the ideal tool . In fact, you can set up Calls-to-action or other widgets to improve it. Furthermore, you won’t have too much trouble using it, because it ‘s very easy to use .

Secondly, it is aimed at web marketing experts. That is to say the people who work every day to improve the profitability of a website . Whether by creating forms, emailing campaigns , etc. Additionally, Elementor is also compatible with WooCommerce which is very useful for building superb sales pages .

Finally the last target includes all site editors. This can be an independent person who creates sites for himself or for clients . But also digital marketing agencies who design several sites per week.

The major functions of the element

When it comes to the features of this tool, the list is very long. We will only show you the most interesting ones.

With the free version, you will have a fairly large number of functions to create simple sites like blogs.

The drag and drop editor 

With this Elementor function you will see the design of your different pages in real time. What’s more, you won’t need any coding knowledge to arrange all the elements correctly.

drag drop elementor

Mobile friendly themes

This may seem basic, but it is a part that is often neglected by companies. Today it has become a necessity to have a responsive site . On the one hand, because more and more people are using their smartphones to carry out searches. On the other hand because it has become an important criterion for Google when it crawls your site.

seo friendly elementor themes

The Elementor library

When you create your first site, you don’t necessarily know where to start. You may also be afraid of making a mistake, or you simply don’t have the required knowledge. With the theme library, you can start from a site template and customize it as you wish.

elementor library

Integration with MailChimp

With the pro version, you can combine Elementor with various marketing tools like MailChimp or GetResponse. Thanks to this, you will be able to have a list of important contacts to set up an effective newsletter.

Pricing for Elementor


First of all, you should know that the Elementor site offers several offers. A website builder offer and another which includes this in addition to hosting. Here we will only focus on the prices for the website builder.

In addition, as you must have understood very well, this tool is also available in a free version . And honestly it’s the best solution if you’re starting out and want to practice using the tool.

As for paid versions, there are several.

  • Essential Plan : This is the basic offer, the one you choose once you have taken the software in hand. The price is $49/year and you can activate Elementor on only one site. Plus, you’ll get all the Pro features, premium support, and website kits.
  • Advanced Plan : This service is not promoted by the Elementor site, yet it is an offer that could suit many people. In fact, for $99 per year, you will have premium features for 3 of your sites.
  • Expert Plan : Here we get down to business. This service will allow you to access premium features on 25 of your sites. This is the perfect offer when you have well developed your niche. However, you will have to spend $199/year for this offer. It’s a lot of money at once, but when you want to create several sites you will be much more profitable.
  • Studio Plan : With this service, we are starting to address another type of clientele. In fact, you will be able to install Elementor Pro on 100 websites. Only agencies or affiliate marketing experts can count that many. For the price you will have to count on $299/year. Additionally, you will also have VIP support.
  • Agency Plan : This latest offer is even more impressive than the previous one. With this you will have Pro features for 1000 sites. This service is aimed at large web marketing agencies. For the price you have to count almost $1 per site, since you will have to pay $999/year.
elementor prices

Advantages and Disadvantages of Elementor

Elementor is the page builder we mainly use for our websites. This is how we will be able to list the advantages and disadvantages of this tool.


✅ Free version sufficient for your beginners.

​​✅ Feature-rich Theme Builder.

✅ Very easy to use.

✅ Intuitive interface.

✅ Need no coding knowledge.

✅ Very functional drag and drop.

The inconvenients

❌ Few themes with the free version.

❌ Lots of widgets available only with the paid version.

In summary: our opinion on Elementor


Elementor is arguably the most powerful Page Builder for WordPress . Its handling and its different functionalities will allow you to create very functional websites.

In addition, if you are a beginner in site editing, this is a tool that will be essential to you. Whether to create forms, optimize blog pages , etc.

In terms of budget you have nothing to worry about. You can use the free version to test and learn how to use Elementor . Then, in terms of prices, they are very accessible and adapted to several profiles.

As for e-commerce sites, it is a Page Builder that adapts to WooCommerce . Furthermore, you can use it with several marketing tools to optimize your pages.

Alternatives to Elementor

If you are not convinced by everything we have just told you, don’t worry, there are several alternatives.

The best free alternative: 

Themify Builder : With this Page Builder you can create a website quickly and efficiently . Thanks to the different models it offers, you will be able to build a site from A to Z. It is a very interesting tool for designing simple but very stylish sites .

The best paid alternative: 

Beaver Builder : This page builder works on the same principle as Elementor. Drag and drop is easy to use and very effective. Furthermore, you can use it on an unlimited number of sites . They have other advantages such as responsive themes or code integration.

Another alternative: 

WP Bakery : For this last alternative, it is a site builder that is not that easy to use. However, it offers very beautiful designs and sites once you have mastered it.

How to properly install Elementor? 

First of all, go to your WordPress back office. Next, go to the extensions tab and install Elementor Website Builder .

install elementor

Now, go to a page that you want to edit with Elementor. Once, click on the ‘Templates’ icon. This is where you can apply page templates. As you can see there are plenty of them, free ones and paid ones.

library theme elementor

You can also adjust some settings in the WordPress options in order to have a certain match on all your pages. You can choose the font, colors, text size but also titles, etc.

Once your pages are created, you need to check that they are mobile friendly . To do this you just have to go to the page and at the bottom left next to Publish you have a little eye. Click on it and you will then be able to have the visualizations for different media.

Besides, you can also change certain things on mobile, like hiding an image.

responsive elementor mode

Finally, if you wish, you can create the header and footer with other Elementor extensions. They are very easy to use and will allow you to create these elements as efficiently as possible.

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