The countdown has begun for Google I/O 2024: Here are the innovations expected to be introduced


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The Google I/O 2024 event is expected to take place on May 14. Innovations coming to Pixel 8a, Pixel Fold 2 and Android 15 are expected to be mentioned at the event.

What Awaits Us at Google I/O 2024?

May 14 was shown as the start date for this year’s annual developer conference organized by Google. With only a few days left until Google I/O 2024, the innovations expected to be mentioned at the event have begun to become clear.

More details are expected to be released this year about Google’s foray into AI and where Gemini is headed next.

It is expected that details about Google’s eagerly awaited affordable smartphone Pixel 8a, Fold 2 will be included. It is also thought that the innovations in Android 15 will be taken into consideration. On the other hand, we may have the chance to learn whether Google has plans for mixed reality.

It is among the information received that this year’s event will be more focused on artificial intelligence. At Google I/O 2024, we may hear more about AI-powered features for the entire product portfolio, as well as potential partnerships to bring them to other devices.

For example, Samsung is collaborating with Google to bring Circle to Search to the Galaxy S24 series. Many of Google’s AI features are designed specifically for smartphones, but it would be beneficial to bring them to laptops, Chromebooks, wearables, and more.

“Pixel 8a” May Be on the Way

According to a striking detail, the affordable Pixel product is generally announced for the first time at the Google I/O event. We met Pixel 7a for the first time at Google I/O 2023.

Also, another sign that Pixel 8a is on the way was that Google pulled Pixel 6a from the market. As the event day approaches, leaks about Pixel 8a continue to increase. In particular, there are rumors that a price increase is on the way.

At the event, questions about the sales price of Pixel 8a and how much artificial intelligence support it will be are expected to be answered.

“Pixel Fold 2” Could Be Much Thinner

All details about Pixel Fold, Google’s first foldable phone, were mentioned at Google I/O 2023. Now, it is expected that details about Pixel Fold 2 will be announced at this year’s event. According to the information obtained, Pixel Fold 2 is said to be even thinner than OnePlus Open and Galaxy Z Fold 5.

So much so that Pixel Fold 2 is said to be the thinnest foldable phone currently sold in North America. Although Pixel Fold 2 is expected to be introduced at Google I/O 2024, there are also different rumors.

According to a new rumor, it is claimed that Google plans to make Fold a part of the regular Pixel series under the name Pixel 9 Pro Fold. In such a case, the Fold will likely be released in the fall along with the rest of the Pixel 9 series.

What’s New in Android 15

One of the topics expected to be mentioned at the annual developers conference is Android 15, codenamed Vanilla Ice Cream.

The visual aesthetics of the mobile operating system did not see a significant refresh in the last generation, but at least we could see the return of lock screen widgets. A speech is expected to be held at Google I/O outlining the new features coming to Android 15 and showing them in action.

Wearable technology

Alongside the Pixel 8 phones, Google has also recorded the launch of the Pixel Watch 2 for its fall event. However, according to rumors, we may also see other Pixel or Fitbit-related wearables at Google I/O 2024. The most realistic expectations include showing off a Pixel Watch 3 teaser at best.


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