How to improve financial operations with artificial intelligence?


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Artificial intelligence finds a place in almost every aspect of life. It has become so common that when talking to a smart speaker or getting song recommendations from a music streaming app, people forget that they are communicating with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence applications, which save people time by making every aspect of life practical, also increase the comfort of life.

Artificial intelligence offers extremely useful solutions not only for consumers but also for the business world. 

Finance was one of the first sectors to benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence.

 Digital finance teams both increase efficiency and obtain high-quality information thanks to artificial intelligence.

 By adopting automation technology, professionals gain the opportunity to become more agile and responsive to market variables.

The impact of artificial intelligence on financial operations is undeniable. So, how can businesses improve their financial operations by leveraging artificial intelligence? There are 4 steps for this.

1- Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks

The most effective method for dealing with employee burnout is to alleviate some of the time-consuming manual responsibilities. 

Artificial intelligence-supported automation software makes it possible for time-consuming tasks to be easily done by artificial intelligence. 

Streamlining repetitive tasks using automation software developed with artificial intelligence has become a trend in many finance departments. 

Automation in the financial sector increases efficiency and productivity without the need to enlarge the team. It also eases the burden of routine tasks undertaken by employees.

2- Turning employees into financial strategists

Skills development and on-the-job training are becoming increasingly important for both employees and companies. Many employees need opportunities to learn and advance. At this point, managers must guide staff to do their best.

If employees don’t know the CFO’s long- and short-term goals, they won’t think strategically like the CFO. High transparency and communication ensure that everyone understands how the department and company are moving towards a greater purpose.

An important factor in training employees is exposing them to exciting new challenges. Regularly assigning more complex tasks to staff accelerates the learning process. 

Finally, planning mentoring programs plays a critical role in educating employees. Mentoring can be very useful in upskilling finance department staff. Institutions that improve their finance teams use artificial intelligence more efficiently for specific goals. 

3- Benefiting more from financial technologies

It is common for finance departments to work with legacy systems that may or may not integrate. Without integration, employees have no alternative but to juggle multiple systems and maintain repetitive manual responsibilities. 

Investing in advanced finance technology that seamlessly brings together data and workflows frees the department, and with it the organization, from the constraints of legacy technology. 

This way, businesses can improve competitive intelligence, forecasting, cash flow management and more by integrating other processes used by departments such as sales, marketing or support. 

Additionally, being able to share data across silos improves interdepartmental communication and decision-making. Adopting AI-powered automation provides valuable results in terms of security, compliance and scalability.

4- Minimizing risks and fraud in finance

Fintech solutions also minimize risks as they greatly reduce the possibility of errors. Fintech applications, which also stand out in terms of reliability, help reduce frauds. 

AI-powered automation flags bad or problematic data. Since systems can analyze data quickly, there is no need for extra labor. 

This way, employees can focus on higher-value tasks that cannot be automated.


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