Gecko Robotics Introduces Artificial Intelligence-Powered Asset Management Platform Cantilever


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Gecko Robotics has launched Cantilever, an AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize asset management across industrial sectors by automating inspection processes and integrating data for informed decision-making.

Cantilever aims to replace outdated manual inspections with a system that combines robotics and drone technology to ensure asset integrity and performance.

Revolutionizing Industrial Asset ManagementA Leap In Control TechnologyStrategic Impact on Key Sectors

Revolutionizing Industrial Asset Management

Cantilever provides a comprehensive view of an asset’s condition by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to interpret data from robotic inspections and historical records. This innovative approach improves efficiency and safety by shifting industries from reactive to predictive maintenance. The platform’s AI-driven analytics not only detects potential problems but also predicts future failures, enabling proactive maintenance and operations.

A Leap In Control Technology

Traditionally, critical infrastructure data is often collected manually in hazardous environments, resulting in poor data quality. Cantilever’s robot and drone integration aims to reduce these risks and provides a solution that collects data at an unprecedented scale and accuracy. This forward-looking leap promises to ensure the smooth operation of essential services such as power plants and increase military readiness by providing detailed, reliable asset health information.

Strategic Impact on Key Sectors

Cantilever, of which the US Navy was the first to implement, has demonstrated its strategic value in the maintenance of naval assets. The platform accelerates repair plans, enabling faster turnaround times and better ship availability. Its potential extends to a variety of sectors, from energy to manufacturing, where it can optimize capital expenditure, extend asset life, and prioritize maintenance to reduce costs and increase uptime.

The introduction of Cantilever by Gecko Robotics marks a significant step towards a future where physical operations are supported by digital intelligence. The platform not only promises improved operational safety by reducing human exposure to hazardous conditions, but also ensures that decision-making is driven by data with the highest integrity. As industries continue to embrace digital transformation, Cantilever stands as a key innovation offering a glimpse into a safer, more efficient world of industrial asset management.


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