The Highly Awaited Launch of Epson Robots Announced


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Epson Robots announced the launch of the GX-B Series SCARA robots. This highly anticipated release aims to redefine industry standards with the combination of speed, efficiency and precision.

GX-B SeriesHeart of the Robot: RC700E ControllerAdditional Features: GX-B Series Highlights

GX-B Series

The GX-B Series includes four different models: GX4B, GX8B, GX10B and GX20B. These models offer payload capacities ranging from 4 kg (8.8 lb) to a stunning 20 kg (44 lb) and are capable of reaching heights of up to one meter (39.4 inches). Known for its unmatched speed and precision, this series is powered by GYROPLUS vibration reduction technology, ensuring fast production speeds and a seamless motion control experience.

Curious eyes are waiting for the GX10B model to be introduced to the public at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois, between October 24-26.

Heart of the Robot: RC700E Controller

The GX-B Series is powered by the RC700E robot controller, which is changing the game in automation. This controller not only increases productivity, but with appropriate risk assessments, it also enables harmonious interactions between humans and robots without the need for safety barriers. Key features include smart servo drives integrated with GYROPLUS technology, SafeSense technology for advanced safety measures and the ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously.

Additionally, the RC700E controller offers unmatched flexibility. By integrating both PC-based controls and a real-time engine, it optimizes operations and significantly reduces the potential need for physical security barriers. This leads to a reduction in both operating cost and footprint for businesses.

Additional Features: GX-B Series Highlights

Best Versatility: Robots can adapt to a variety of configurations, including table, wall and ceiling mounting. While reach ranges vary for different models, the GX20B has the longest reach at 1,000 mm.

Superior in Durability: These robots are designed for high-density environments. They come in Standard, ESD, Cleanroom and protected IP65 models and are TUV certified as standard.

Ready for Expansion: The GX-B Series features a variety of integrated options such as Vision Guidance, Parts Feeding and Conveyor Tracking, providing a customized fit for industrial needs.

Industry 4.0 Compatibility: With advanced OPC UA robotic connectivity, these robots are ready for next-generation integration and monitoring.

Willing businesses can get their hands on the GX4B and GX8B now, while the GX10B and GX20B will be available in January 2024. Epson Robots, as one of the pioneers in the field of robotics, maintains its global presence with more than 150,000 units with the GX-B Series.

With the GX-B Series, Epson is preparing to push the boundaries of automation. As robots become established in global industries, an increase in efficiency, productivity and innovation is expected. This move by Epson not only emphasizes its commitment to technological excellence, but also sets an example for the future of robotics.


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