Introduction to Robotic Coding: What is it and Why is it Important?


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Robotic coding is a field that involves writing code using programming languages ​​to control the movements and functions of robots. 
Today, industrial robots; It has begun to be used more and more frequently in many sectors, especially health, agriculture, energy, defense and security. Therefore, the tendency to focus on software, artificial intelligence and robotics technology has increased in education and training processes. 
Of course, there is also interest in STEM+A, which is one of the best educational approaches to progress in this regard… At this point, a common question comes to the minds of both young people and families: “What is robotic coding?” What’s the use?
What is Robotic Coding?

Robotic coding has become very important today because it brings together engineering and programming.

Codes written in the field of robotic coding determine when, where and how the robot will move.

hus, it also offers a method of using robotic technology efficiently in a way that can produce solutions to existing problems or meet needs. While it is considered a core skill for those aiming for a robotics and automation career, it is also useful for individuals who want to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Why is Robotic Coding Important?

Today, robots have become devices that are used in many sectors and automate work.

Thanks to this technology, repetitive operations can be carried out quickly and accurately, while work accidents and injuries can be prevented.

Also renewable energy etc. Robotics technology and coding are of great importance in solving many common problems of the world and in taking new initiatives in this field.

It is already predicted that robotic coding skills will play an important role in the future labor market.

As automation systems become increasingly widespread, employers prioritize candidates with robotic coding skills, and people with these skills are considered more advantageous in the competitive environment in the job market.

However, learning robotic coding skills also plays a serious role in concretely experiencing mathematical and scientific concepts and developing critical thinking skills.

Students can improve both problem-solving and creative thinking skills through robotic coding projects.

It helps learn STEM+A (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art) skills and experience mathematical and scientific concepts in a concrete way.

For more detailed information, you can check out our article “ The Importance of Robotic Coding for Children and Youth ”.

In Which Professions Is Robotic Coding Used?

Mechanical Engineers:Mechanical engineers play an important role in the design, manufacture and control of the functions of industrial robots. Mechanical engineers help robots become more efficient by programming their movements and functions.

Electrical and Electronics Engineers:Electrical and electronic engineers develop electronic components necessary for the design and production of robotic systems. They help ensure that robots operate correctly and effectively by writing the codes necessary to control robotic systems.

Software Developers:Software developers are involved in writing and developing programming languages ​​used to control the movements and functions of robots. They enable robots to program their movements and functions and develop robotic control systems.

Industrial Automation Experts:Industrial automation experts are experts with the technical knowledge required for the design, installation and maintenance of automation systems. Industrial automation experts help robots program and control their functions.

Those Working in the Field of Agriculture:The agricultural sector is increasingly interested in the use of robotic coding technologies. With the use of robotic technologies, agricultural experts can automate agricultural processes and increase agricultural efficiency.

Health Professionals:The healthcare sector is another sector where robotic technologies are becoming increasingly widespread. Studies on the use of robots in procedures such as surgical procedures, patient care and rehabilitation continue rapidly today.

Education Experts:Robotic coding has an important place in STEM+A education. STEM+A, which stands for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art, is based on the principle of learning all these disciplines together in an applied way, and robotic coding studies play an important role in this education approach.

Employees in the Field of Industry and Production:Robotic coding technology allows production processes to be automated and increased efficiency. This is very important in reducing costs in industrial production and making production processes safer.

What are Robotic Coding Examples?

Artificial intelligence:Robotic coding is a technology used in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms. During these studies, it is used to write and test programming languages ​​in the development process of artificial intelligence.

Autonomous Vehicles:We can also see robotic coding being used in the development of autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are vehicles that move on their own. Robotic coding is used to control sensors, navigation systems, and other functions of autonomous vehicles.

Drone Technologies:Another area that benefits from these technologies is drones. These devices are defined as flying robots and are used for different purposes in many sectors today. Thanks to robotic coding, it is possible to control the movements of drones, collect data, control sensors and perform other functions.

Virtual Reality:Virtual reality is one of the most popular technologies today, creating a simulation of the real world. In virtual reality applications, many operations can be done with the help of coding, such as creating and controlling simulations and performing other functions.

How to Learn Robotic Coding?

Robotics coding training can be provided from many sources, depending on the age and opportunities of people who want to specialize in this field.

At this point, we can say that the main educational materials are online lessons and courses. Many websites that host online courses, especially in the field of software and technology, also have content in this field.

Whether it is robotic coding lessons or a different subject that interests you in this field… We are aware that your main need for learning is a quality internet.

From the development process to the learning of all these technologies, the internet is now indispensable in every aspect of life. Of course, in online courses too…

Robotic coding events are an ideal option to learn robotic coding skills, especially for students. Programs such as FIRST® Robotics Competition, VEX Robotics Competition, and RoboCup aim to provide students with skills in designing, building, and programming robots.

Young People Design the Future at FIRST Robotics Competition with TurkNet Speed!

FIRST® Robotics Competition, organized for the first time in 1989 by inventor Dean Kamen , is a competition in which young people can learn robotic coding technology while also gaining the skills to compete with ethical values, work for high-quality production, and be a team within the framework of the concept of “sensitive professionalism”.

It has been held in our country since 2018 with the support of the Fikret Yüksel Foundation, and during this competition, young people can acquire many skills that will strengthen their CVs in the future.

As TurkNet, we are with them in this competition where young people touch the technology of the future, new skills and break the rules! We know that game-changing technologies have developed with the internet and that the internet will carry us into the future.


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