Innovations from Walmart to Shape the Shopping Experience of the Future


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International retail giant Walmart introduces innovative technologies ready to redefine the shopping experiences of the future.

The company has deployed artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities to improve customer interactions.

These technologies were first introduced at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and have recently begun to be used by iOS users.

One of the innovative features, the “GenAI-powered search experience,” was showcased through a football viewing party simulation.

This search tool personalizes the shopping journey by helping consumers easily find products related to the event they are watching.

Another innovation called “Walmart InHome Replenishment,” which integrates AI’s predictive capabilities into Walmart’s existing restocking system, ensures customers’ shopping carts are automatically refilled with required items.

Additionally, an Augmented Reality feature called “Shopping with Friends” has been introduced that allows users to create and discuss outfits with friends online, adding a community dimension to digital commerce.

Walmart’s President and CEO, Doug McMillon, expressed excitement about these technological advances and emphasized the company’s commitment to using technology to better serve customers.

McMillon affirmed its commitment to improving lives through innovation by putting customers and employees at the center of its technology efforts.

Furthering its technology-driven approach, Walmart has announced plans to expand its drone delivery service to more households in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, marking another step toward the retail landscape of the future.


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