How Much Internet Do Social Media Applications Consume?


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The biggest reason why we have become so dependent on the internet lately is social media applications. According to research data, people spend an average of 7 hours and 57 minutes a day on the internet.

Since the time spent on the internet is too much, the quota consumed per person is also quite high. At this stage, it is very important to know whether the quota of the internet we use is sufficient.

We discuss how much internet consumption social media applications consume in the rest of our content. In this way, it will be possible for you to become a more conscious internet user. So how much internet do social media applications consume? Let’s examine it together.


YouTube is one of the most spent social media applications today. YouTube, which has users of all ages, hosts many experiences.

You can watch movies, listen to songs, and participate in live broadcasts on YouTube.

YouTube content appeals not only to adults but also to children. So how much internet does such a widely used medium consume?

When you watch a video with 480p image quality, you consume 9 MB of internet per minute and 540 MB per hour.

Let’s say you want to watch YouTube content in higher quality. In this case, the amount of internet you spend will be more.

When you watch a video with 1080p image quality, it consumes 50 MB of internet per minute and 3,000 MB per hour, i.e. 3GB.

As the image quality increases, the internet will be consumed faster. Approximately 16 GB of internet is consumed per hour, especially in 4K videos with very high image quality. Based on these calculations, you can easily find out how much internet you spend daily on YouTube.


WhatsApp, which has a huge user base of 2 billion, is an application found on every phone today. This most preferred application in the world has many features such as messaging, video and normal calling, and new features are being added.

Unfortunately, this application, which makes normal messaging a thing of the past, does not work without internet. Let’s examine how much internet WhatsApp consumes.

We said that WhatsApp has more than one feature. The amount of internet spending varies depending on the use of these features.

The amount of data used when you send messages is very small. You can send an average of 6.50 – 7,000 messages using 1 GB of data. When you send a voice message, 1 MB is consumed per minute, while voice calls consume 35 MB of internet per hour.

When you make your calls via video, the amount of internet usage is higher than all of them. While making a video call, 5-6 MB of internet is used per minute and approximately 330 MB per hour.


Instagram application is one of the social media applications that consumes the internet the fastest.

We view photos on Instagram during the day and approximately 512 KB of internet is spent for each photo.

When we calculate this based on 100 photos, an average of 54 MB is spent only when viewing photos.

When you watch videos, you spend an average of 350 MB per day. Based on these calculations, you can find out the average amount of internet you spend on Instagram.


Facebook internet usage is just like Instagram. On average, 2.1 MB of data is consumed per minute. This amount of data is quite large, reaching 130 MB per hour. Just like on Instagram, the internet you use varies depending on the number of photos you open and the number of videos you watch.


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