GPT-4 Forecast for 2024: AI Development and Economic Slowdown


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The editors of xutechs set ChatGPT-4 a task: to make a forecast for 2024. The neural network went to the Internet, pulled out the most interesting things from there and succinctly formulated it


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The growth and integration of AI into everyday life will continue.

Expect more advanced AI applications in medicine, finance and education. The global AI market, valued at $2.41 trillion in 2023, could reach $27.9 trillion by 2032.
Quantum computers: We may see significant breakthroughs in quantum technologies, which will accelerate research in materials science, pharmaceuticals and other fields.


Global Economy: The post-COVID-19 period could lead to a realignment of economic relationships, with a shift towards greater digitalization and automation. However, global economic growth is expected to slow to 2.7% .
Cryptocurrencies: The role of cryptocurrencies is expected to continue to grow, especially in the context of the development of decentralized finance.


International Relations: Tensions in international relations are likely to remain high, especially given geopolitical changes and the growing influence of India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa and Brazil.

Environmental policy: Attention to climate change and sustainable development will increase, with the possible adoption of new international agreements.


Personalized learning: It is becoming more common in classrooms. Adaptive learning platforms and AI-powered tools will provide personalized content, pacing, and feedback to increase student engagement and success.

Healthcare: AI-based diagnostic tools will continue to improve in the accuracy of early disease identification. Personalized medicine will see a surge as AI analyzes patient data, genetics and lifestyle to tailor treatments, optimizing outcomes.

Science and space

Space Exploration: We are likely to see more manned missions to the Moon, as well as the development of a commercial space industry. India’s first manned mission into orbit and a flight around the moon by NASA astronauts is planned for 2024 as part of the Artemis II mission.

Biotechnology: This area is projected to grow rapidly, especially in the areas of synthetic biology, gene editing, and drug and treatment development. This could lead to significant breakthroughs, especially in personalized medicine.


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