Ezoic: Is it worth it in 2024?


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Result of our test : 4.8/5

After testing Ezoic , our verdict is clear, it’s a fantastic tool for monetization, offering personalization and revenue optimization that far outperforms standard solutions like AdSense . However, it requires special vigilance to find the right balance between the number of ads and user experience.

Discover Ezoic

In 2024, talking about website monetization often means starting by talking about AdSense . This online advertising giant has long been the reference, almost an obligatory step for those new to monetization. 

It’s simple , it’s accessible , but the world of online advertising continues to evolve. With the number of sites and blogs constantly increasing , the competition to capture advertisers’ attention and maximize revenue is more intense than ever. Alternatives are multiplying , bringing with them new ways to monetize your content. 

In this quest to optimize income, we come across innovative and sometimes more efficient options . This is where Ezoic comes in , an advertising agency which presents itself as a serious competitor to AdSense . 

It brings a breath of fresh air to the ad monetization market , and we will share with you in this test why Ezoic could well be the alternative you are looking for.

🕰️ No time to read everything? Here’s what you need to remember about Ezoic:

👉 Big Data Analytics: Automatically optimizes advertisements on your site using massive data and allowing you to track the impact of your SEO actions.
👉 Humix: Easily embed videos on your site without having to create them, using AI for optimization and performance monitoring.
👉 Leap: Improve your site’s performance by optimizing Core Web Vitals, eliminating unnecessary costs and benefiting from a universal solution for WordPress.


Ezoic Overview

Ezoic allows you to earn income by publishing ads on your website. It adjusts ads with AI for a good revenue-user experience balance. Each visitor sees personalized ads , increasing your earnings. For us, Ezoic has boosted our advertising revenue . It also provides analytics to create more profitable content . In short, it is the ideal tool to monetize your site efficiently and simply.

It is therefore a great alternative to Adsense .

interface ezoic

Who is Ezoic for?

Ezoic is a versatile tool that adapts to various users, each with their own website monetization goals and needs . It offers you tailor-made solutions to optimize your revenue without compromising your visitors’ experience. Here is who Ezoic is particularly aimed at:

  • Independent bloggers : Perfect for you if you want to turn your passion into a source of income. Ezoic helps you increase your earnings while maintaining a quality user experience.
  • News site publishers : If you manage a news site, which generates traffic via Discover or Google news, Ezoic allows you to combine informative content and intelligent monetization, boosting your revenue while maintaining the interest of your readers.
  • Niche site publishers : For you targeting a specific market, Ezoic offers advanced customization, optimizing advertising revenue according to your audience.


Additional features of Ezoic

Let’s now discover the additional features of Ezoic which further enrich your experience and your possibilities with this control room.

Big Data Analytics 

This tool will allow you to optimize your income and offer a better experience to the users of your website . You no longer have to worry about the location, type or size of ads. Ezoic takes care of it for you by using big data to make intelligent decisions . 

You can also track your revenue and connect it to every aspect of your site, from infrastructure to audience engagement . Furthermore, you will be able to objectively evaluate how your actions in terms of SEO and engagement affect your rankings and the behavior of your audience. 

big data analysis ezoic


With this function, you will be able to make the most of the videos on your website . You don’t even have to create your own videos. Humix offers you a complete suite to attract new visitors , increase engagement and generate additional revenue. 

Humix takes care of the optimization thanks to integrated artificial intelligence that adapts to your preferences. You’ll have access to video metrics to track your estimated earnings and play counts over 30 days, making it easier to track your site’s growth through video. 

humix ezoic


This is perfect for optimizing the Core Web Vitals of your website and improving its overall performance. Leap gives you handy diagnostic tools to identify and fix problems at the source, allowing you to improve performance for real users, just like Google does. 

And that’s not all, Leap simplifies your site speed and saves you money by eliminating the need for expensive technologies and plugins . If you use WordPress , it offers you a universal and sophisticated solution that can replace your unnecessary plugins and potentially save you money. 

leap ezoic

Prices for Ezoic

Discover below the flexible prices offered by Ezoic to optimize your advertising revenue and develop your website.

Standard Offer 

With Ezoic’s Standard offer , you can increase your advertising revenue by simply paying a fixed rate of 10% on the revenue generated by advertisements on your website. This plan includes everything you need to continuously monetize your site, including access to Google Ad Manager and Ad Exchange Ad Serving . 

Plus, you can create up to 5 professional videos per month with Flickify . However, it is important to note that the use of NicheIQ is limited in this offer.

If you want to start maximizing your income and growing your website, you can opt for this offer now.

Offer Premium

Ezoic’s Premium offering offers flexible plans with monthly, annual or income-based options. In addition to standard features , it includes exclusive support and services . You’ll have access to new advanced ad reporting, easy integration with the Ezoic Analytics API , and premium advertising partners to increase your revenue.

The Premium plan also includes benefits like free SEO audits , quarterly expert reviews, and permissions for multi-user accounts . With this offer, you can create up to 100 videos per month with Flickify and use NicheIQ without restrictions to optimize your content and maximize your income.

tarifs ezoic

Advantages and disadvantages

Now, let’s dive in by exploring the pros and cons of Ezoic , to give you a complete picture of what this tool can offer and the things to consider before you get started.


✅ Uses advanced technologies to maximize advertising revenue

✅ Offers a free month trial so you can test their features without obligation

✅ Advanced ad reporting provides valuable data 

✅ Compatible with major ad networks

The inconvenients

❌ Ads can potentially slow down your site

❌ Engagement rate may be lower if there are a lot of ads

In summary: our opinion on Ezoic

We tried Ezoic on a few of our sites , and here’s what we think. On the one hand, Ezoic is great for increasing advertising revenue . Its use of AI to adjust ads is pretty impressive. 

The Standard plan is our favorite, it’s super accessible and offers a good balance between performance and simplicity , perfect for those just starting out in monetization or for growing sites.

But be careful, Ezoic also has its small downsides . For example, on one of our sites where we placed lots of ads, we saw the engagement rate and traffic drop . It reminded us that we have to find the right balance so as not to push away visitors.

However, if you want to monetize your site effectively , Ezoic is a solid option. Just remember to keep an eye on the user experience and adjust ad settings regularly to keep a good balance.

Alternatives to Ezoic

If you are looking for alternatives to Ezoic for monetizing your site, several options are available to you. Each of these platforms offers unique features and can suit different types of sites and needs. Here are three popular alternatives:

  • Mediavine : It is recognized for offering excellent performance in terms of advertising revenue, particularly for sites with high traffic in the lifestyle, food, and travel niches. It stands out with personalized customer service and a friendly user interface.
  • Media.net : This is a good alternative, best known for its specialization in contextual ads, which can be an advantage for sites with specifically targeted content. 
  • AdThrive : It is ideal for premium content publishers with high traffic, especially in the family and lifestyle areas. They offer competitive remuneration rates and personalized support to optimize advertising revenue.

How to use Ezoic correctly?

To take full advantage of Ezoic and boost your site’s revenue , it is crucial to know how to use it correctly. Here is a simple and practical step-by-step guide to mastering Ezoic: 

  1. Registration and configuration : Start by registering on Ezoic. It’s quick and easy. Once registered, connect your site by following the instructions to configure your account.
  2. Site integration : Integrate your site, either through a plugin (if you use a platform like WordPress), or by modifying the DNS. The tool offers a detailed guide to help you in this step.
  3. Ad Placement : Use the Ad Placement tool to define where and how ads will appear on your site. Ezoic’s AI will optimize these placements for better results.
  4. Analysis and tests : Take advantage of Ezoic’s analysis tools to understand the behavior of your visitors and the effectiveness of your ads. It allows you to test different formats and placements to see what works best.
  5. Continuous Optimization : Uses detailed reporting to continuously optimize. The system learns from your site and adjusts to improve performance and revenue over time.
  6. Use advanced features : Explore Ezoic’s advanced features, like site speed optimization, SEO analysis, and video monetization, to get the most out of your site.

Reinvestment of income : Consider the possibilities of reinvesting part of your income generated by Ezoic to improve your site or to create higher quality content.



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