Developer of energy consumption systems: who is it and what does it do?


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With the development of residential and industrial infrastructure, the issue of reducing energy costs becomes more relevant than ever. We tell you who and how minimizes energy consumption

Who is an energy systems developer?

An energy systems developer is a specialist who creates software and hardware to manage energy consumption in various infrastructures, such as homes or industrial buildings. An energy systems engineer is also a technical professional whose primary task is to design the most efficient, economical, and reliable energy systems. He knows what tools to use so that the refrigerator or air conditioner consumes the least amount of energy. He also works in large enterprises: hydro, gas and oil companies hire such a specialist to reduce the impact of their production on the environment and use resources more efficiently\.

What does an energy systems developer do?

Because the energy systems engineer’s primary focus is reducing energy consumption while increasing efficiency, he may perform many surveys, site inspections, and pilot studies. It conducts analysis based on data received from sensors, meters and other devices. Develops energy management systems taking into account economic efficiency and environmental safety.

In general, such a specialist is a key player in the field of sustainable development , since proper energy management can reduce the burden on the environment and reduce utility costs. Here are a few other responsibilities that typically fall under the purview of a power system designer:

integration of energy systems with building management systems, vehicle technical support and other systems;
support and development of energy management systems at all stages of the life cycle;
creation of software and hardware solutions for managing the supply of electricity, heat and water within one system;
analysis and optimization of energy consumption;
integration of various control systems, for example, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, etc.
Skills required in the profession
An energy system designer looks at current energy consumption problems, so in the energy industry, critical thinking can help look at a problem and find the optimal solution.

The energy sector is always at the forefront of advanced technologies, so if such a specialist works in the industry, he must be ready to quickly adapt to various innovations as they appear. Other key skills may also include:

knowledge of electrical engineering, ergonomics, construction;
programming skills;
ability to process large amounts of information;
Analytical mind;
ability to conduct an energy audit and know the basics of 3D modeling;
ability to offer original solutions to complex technical problems.
Do not forget that the developer of energy consumption systems is a specialist who minimizes the consumption of electricity, and this is always a concern for the environment. Therefore, knowledge in the field of ecology will be an advantage.
ey. PowerMeter allows users to monitor household energy consumption anywhere there is an available network.

Where did the profession come from?

The predecessor of these specialists can be called energy specialists. After the construction of the first power station in the 19th century, it was the power engineer who began to control the distribution of electrical energy. With the development of technology, the profession has not disappeared, but some of the functions have been taken over by developers of power consumption systems.

How to become an energy systems designer

You can get secondary vocational education in the following specialties: “Power stations, networks and systems”, “Power supply” and “Relay protection and automation of electric power systems”. It is worth choosing any college that teaches these specialties. For example, Novosibirsk Industrial and Energy College . In universities, this is the direction of “Electrical Power Engineering,” which is available at the capital’s Moscow Power Engineering Institute or the State Electrotechnical University LETI named after V.I. Ulyanov. In addition, you can study this profession remotely through the MBA CITY Business Academy course .


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