7 Best AI Ad Creation Platforms


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It’s time to introduce you to  the best ad creation platforms.

I know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to create ad creatives that can shake things up and up your ad game.

But once you understand how using a feature-rich advertising platform will allow you to manage all aspects of your advertising campaign from a single dashboard, it will be a turning point for your business.

In this review, I explore the best ad creative platforms every business needs to accelerate their marketing efforts. I’ll also show you how to choose the ad creation platform that best suits your needs. This allows you to invest your money in an instrument with the highest return on investment.

Whether you need the best ad creator or an AI-powered social media post creator, I hope this list meets your needs.

Lets start.

What are the best AI ad creation platforms?

After testing and trying several ad creation platforms, I found the following platform to be the best for your ad campaigns.


The best overall.

AdCreative.ai – best AI ad creation platforms

AdCreative.ai Overview

adcreative.ai  is a unique copy design and auto-creation tool that uses a trained machine learning model to create. conversion-focused creative  stays true to the brand. Semrush recognizes that this platform has one of the following:  The world’s largest databases of high-converting creatives  .

Additionally, AdCreative.ai uses proven frameworks to create outstanding headlines and ad copy in minutes to deliver unparalleled results. You can create ad copy in multiple locations  in 30 languages  ​​in your desired tone for high conversions and ROI, whether you’re using Google Ads, Bing Ads or Native Ads.

This platform also allows you to create more than 180 types of content. Creative social media posts that focus on engagement  in a very short time. Posts are designed and sized perfectly for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

AdCreative.ai believes that teamwork can make a dream come true. That’s why this platform allows you to invite up to 25 users to your main account to effectively collaborate on projects and provide suggestions to achieve your creative goals.

Anyone can use AdCreative.ai, including startups, e-commerce stores, marketing agencies, and businesses. The platform has a feature of  100% refund policy  . If something doesn’t work as expected, log in to the app and use the live support chat to talk to the support team to process a refund.

basic features

  • Unlimited integrations  – You can create all the creatives you need, whether you still have credits or have used them all. You only use credits when uploading your AI-generated creations.
  • Easy platform integrations  – You can connect your advertising accounts such as Google and Facebook to this platform. It helps improve the machine learning model to produce creative designs and predictions specific to your brand.
  • Free and unlimited images  – With AdCreative.ai, you have access to over 100 million free images to add to your creatives at no extra cost.
  • Creative Insights Pro  – AdCreative.ai analyzes your affiliated ad accounts to provide actionable insights like your best-performing creatives and colors, average CTR in your brand category, and more.
  • Copy Generator AI Feature  – The tool allows you to create high-converting headlines and ad copy based on various copywriting methodologies.


  • High quality creations
  • user friendly
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Some glitches with fine-tuning changes
  • No social share link function


Ideal for advertising on social networks.

Artificial intelligence ad creation platforms - 1

presentation by Predis.ai

Predis.ai  is one of the best ad creative platforms trusted by thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs, and content creators to manage their social media ads and marketing campaigns. This social media tool allows you to increase your organic engagement by 10x for more revenue.

Predis.ai offers  an AI product video maker  that turns static product photos into stunning video ads in seconds. Unlike some Predis.ai alternatives, the platform  allows you to analyze your e-commerce store  to create videos promoting your products. AI Meme Maker and templates allow you to add humor to your content to capture the audience’s attention.

Moreover, Predis.ai allows you to import existing designs into the platform and use them to create custom posts that match your brand language. The platform supports cross-platform advertising by allowing you to create posts, videos, carousels, and more for various social media channels.

One of the features that distinguishes Predis.ai from others is its competitor analysis feature. This ad creation software analyzes your competitors’ behavior and data to provide effective strategies and insights.

Additionally, Predis supports more than 18 languages: simply enter your content in the language of your choice; AI will produce your videos and creatives in the same language.

basic features

  • Cross-platform content  – ​​You can create carousels, videos, and posts for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and more.
  • Consistent brand language  – Predis uses your brand’s color palettes to give your posts and videos a cohesive, professional touch. 
  • Unlimited AI-generated posts  – The platform allows you to create posts for a variety of use cases, including social media ad copy, Reels, and product videos.
  • Unlimited competitor profile analysis  – Examines data and competitor behavior to provide insights that can guide your next course of action.
  • Integrated AI chat  – You can chat with a social media AI assistant and ask it to create a plan for your content calendar or post ideas for your next post.
  • One-click AI scheduling  – This advertising platform allows you to easily create and schedule posts.
  • Design Import  – You can import a PDF design format to create personalized posts with your brand voice.


  • Advanced data analysis
  • Wide range of AI ad generation content types
  • Improved customization
  • Increased comfort thanks to artificial intelligence planning
  • Saving on time


  • Lack of ad testing features
  • Lack of downloadable mobile app
  • Limited customization options for advanced users


Ideal for creating digital ads.

Artificial intelligence ad creation platforms - 2

Simplified presentation

It’s an easy-to-use, all-in-one application for creating, collaborating, designing and scaling simplified  marketing. Modern marketing teams can use this platform’s ad creation tools to create ads. data-driven, results-oriented ads  for Google, Instagram, Facebook and other ad networks.

With Simplified’s free AI printer, you can create:  50+ content types for ads  and products for a broader audience in 10+ tones and 30+ languages. The content rewriting tool allows you to optimize your ad copy to increase readability and uniqueness while maintaining their overall meaning.

Thanks to its  Artificial intelligence-based design tool  , you can implement new ideas without any graphic design experience. It lets you browse thousands of templates to quickly create simplified, stunning business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, logos and other marketing assets.

In addition, Simplified allows you to  easily manage your social media accounts  thanks to its social media management tool. You can schedule posts, manage social inboxes, customize designs, and collaborate with teammates all in one dashboard.

When it comes to engaging videos, this ad creation software  has an online video editor  that allows you to post stunning videos on any channel in minutes. You can upload your own media or choose from millions of stock videos without watermarks. The video editor has features to trim videos, add animated elements and add filters, gradients, icons, text, effects and more.

basic features

  • Thousands of professional templates and elements  – Templates include graphics, banners, social media posts, content, brand assets, etc. Optimized for different use cases such as:
  • One-Click Editing Tools  – You can resize designs, crop images, animate elements, remove backgrounds, and replace any graphics.
  • Open, real-time collaboration  – Invite guest contributors to comment, edit, moderate and make suggestions to improve your ad creative.
  • Rich Libraries  – You get endless resources for images, images, media, text and much more.
  • Social media management tool  – This feature allows you to seamlessly manage scheduling and publishing content on social media.
  • Free One-Click Background Remover  – This allows you to create clear backgrounds for your ad videos and images.


  • Ability to design and write ad copy, manage social media and create video ads
  • Improved efficiency
  • Easy to navigate user interface


  • If you don’t provide clear input, AI may sometimes fail to understand the intricacies of certain topics.


Ideal for graphic design advertising.

Artificial intelligence ad creation platforms - 3

presentation Designs.ai

Designs.ai  is an online ad creation platform that uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to make designs easily accessible to everyone. Thanks to AI ad creation tools,  you can produce custom logos, engaging videos, striking graphics and smart models with the latest technology.

This ad creation software analyzes and automatically generates data from your ad network to recommend the best content. thousands of kinds of advertising projects  to help you determine the ideal one.

AI logo maker allows you to launch your brand with a complete brand identity kit and a unique logo for uniformity across all your projects. Designs.ai also uses  text-to-video technology  to turn your text scripts, posts, and articles into fully edited video ads in over 20 languages.

Thanks to this,   you can turn text scripts into realistic ad voiceovers with multiple tones, pitches and global languages ​​with text-to-speech technology .

When it comes to graphic design, this software has a design creator that uses artificial intelligence to review your design requirements and create thousands of variations instantly. In doing so, you can use the one-click magic resizing feature to instantly resize your designs according to any smart marketing channel layout, color and font suggestions.

Since Designs.ai is an online software, you can easily access it using a browser or device. The platform saves and organizes all your brand assets and collateral in hosting and cloud storage for enhanced security.

What’s more interesting about this advertising platform is that it allows you to use all completed projects to advertise and promote your business.

basic features

  • Automatic generation  – Designs.ai uses artificial intelligence to eliminate manual work.
  • Millions of design assets  – Every asset is fully licensed for commercial use.
  • Extensive library  – The library has more than 20 templates to choose from.
  • Unlimited downloads  – Download the content you want with just one click.
  • Free Support Tools  – They include Fame color matching tool, calendar, font binder and graphic creator.
  • Branding kit  – This feature allows you to apply consistent branding to all your designs.
  • Unlimited use of millions of video clips and images  – Access more than 15 million images and video clips and include them in your ad generations at no extra cost.
  • Multilingual Support  – You can create your content in more than 20 languages.


  • Faster ad creation time (usually within 2 minutes)
  • 70-80% less manual labor
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Fully licensed advertising assets
  • Easy sharing on social media


  • Limited voiceover samples
  • Customer support needs work


The best ad design automation platform.

AI ad creation platforms - 4

presentation Creativity

Creativity  is an online design software that allows you to take advantage of a powerful set of features developed with team process mastery in mind. From the design builder and design elements to the Smart Resize button and audio import, Creatopy is truly a sophisticated graphic design tool with an intuitive interface.

The ad creator has advanced capabilities that help you gain superior workflow control while simplifying the ad creation process by unifying all participants in a single design tool. This feature can create stunning branded ad designs for display, social media or print.

With Creatopy’s intuitive and creative versioning tools, you can quickly create product ad designs specific to different languages ​​and platforms. Data streams are always available for rapid ad variations and scaling of content information.

What I love about Creatopy is the ability to add motion to my images with one click. The software also allows you to customize how individual design elements flow together to deliver powerful animated ads.

This ad creation software also offers a branding kit that organizes all your brand assets for easy access. The branding kit also allows you to maintain the consistency and identity of your brand across all platforms.

Creatopy’s short learning curve, combined with its per-seat pricing model, allows for easy setup and scaling for teams of all sizes.

basic features

  • Custom ad design  – Choose from over 20 million Shutterstock videos, audio, original illustrations and images, and other premium creative to personalize your design ads.
  • Brand alignment  – ​​Creatopy allows you to import brand assets into brand kits and customize ad designs with branded logos, colours, vectors and typography to stay consistent with the brand.
  • Advanced animation  – Creatopy offers a wide variety of animation presets to help you add movement to your images and bring designs to life.
  • Comprehensive template library  – You can customize the templates you want according to your brand and speed up the creation process.
  • Detailed collaboration  – This shoutout creation software allows you to organize your work into folders and projects for easy sharing with teammates and clients for instant feedback.
  • Optimizing creatives  – You have access to a variety of ad testing and campaign analysis tools that will help you make real-time tweaks to your ads to improve performance.
  • Design Set Builder  – This feature eliminates duplication of work by creating a complete ad set simultaneously.


  • Optimized creatives
  • Quick design customizations
  • Completely personalized collaborative experience
  • Easy tracking of ad design performance


  • Lack of adequate ad copy creation tools
  • Some users may find pricing plans a bit expensive


Ideal for creating and managing ads.

AI ad creation platforms - 5


ADSENIZ  is an advertising platform with all the ad creation tools you need to create, manage, diversify, protect and understand how your ad creative works. With this platform, you create your ad in 5 simple steps.

All you have to do is choose a platform, choose a goal, identify the target audience, choose an ad type, and view your budget score for the ad. ADYOUNEED offers an unrivaled number of integrations and a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

You can use the Create Ad feature of this software to unleash your creativity and create captivating ad copy that grabs the attention of the target audience with just one click. ADYOUNEED’s dynamic and intuitive dashboard provides real-time information to help you manage and optimize your ads for better performance.

Additionally, ADYOUNEED allows you to automate your A/B testing, where all your ads are tested in the background to deliver maximum impact and better performance.

Real-time budget allocation is one of the features that distinguishes this platform from others. Once you determine the type of advertising you need, your advertising channel and your target audience, ADYOUNEED automatically calculates your costs in real time and gives you the total advertising budget.

The security of this ad creation platform is top-notch; This way your works will be safe. There’s an ever-vigilant Click Fraud feature to protect your creatives from competitors and pesky bots.

ADYOUNEED has a flexible pricing model that allows you to pay as you grow. Because your fees are aligned with advertising spend, costs naturally increase as your business grows.

basic features

  • Create an ad feature  – This allows you to create compelling ad copy specific to your target audience with one click.
  • Multi-channel advertising support  – With seamless integrations with social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can create content for a variety of use cases.
  • Real-time budget allocation  – The platform adjusts your budget in real-time for maximum return on investment.
  • Unique Integrations  – You can connect ADYOUNEED to all your social networks as well as other platforms like Amazon.
  • Dynamic dashboard  – Makes it easy to access real-time information to optimize and manage ads.
  • Click fraud function  – This feature helps you protect your AI-generated ads from annoying bots.


  • Flexible and affordable pricing
  • It’s easy to get started with a free trial
  • Excellent advertising performance
  • Very scalable


  • Missing a branded social sharing link
  • Insufficient ad design features


Ideal for multivariate ad testing.

AI ad creation platforms - 6

presentation marpipe

marpipe  is one of the best ad creation platforms for senior marketing teams. Its drag-and-drop creative builder lets you create unlimited catalog ads in minutes.

If you want to upgrade your dynamic product ads with enriched catalogs, this platform is for you. You can take advantage of rich catalogs to spice up your product flows with striking designs. Tools like AI Image Fit and Auto Remove Background allow you to resize images in your catalog and turn them into transparent backgrounds with one click.

I love Marpipe for its multivariate testing capabilities for digital advertising, whether you want to create mobile or display ads. The platform uses the multivariate creative generator, test runner, and creative intelligence to simultaneously test different variations of creatives across multiple audiences to determine which ones perform best with higher ROI.

Apart from this, the Marpipe platform gives your team full control to initiate design changes to DABA/DPA campaigns without resetting the learning.

basic features

  • Unlimited live catalogs  – Helps you improve your product feeds.
  • Complete creative control  – You can design your creations on a true blank canvas and arrange the elements as you wish.
  • Multiple locations  – You can design your creations in multiple sizes and locations at once.
  • In-depth statistical analysis  – Analytics helps you determine which variables have the strongest impact on ad performance.
  • Custom reports  – This software uses performance data from Meta and other data sources  to generate third-party  insights and create custom reports.
  • Multi-audience testing  – This feature tests ad variations across multiple audiences simultaneously to identify the best performers.


  • Easy sharing and collaboration
  • better information
  • Improved ad testing


  • Does not provide adequate guidance on multivariate testing

How to Choose the Best AI Ad Creation Platform

Ad creative platforms are not one size fits all. There are a number of factors and features you need to consider to ensure you choose a platform that meets your business needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best ad creative platform:

  • Creative options  – Depending on the story you want to tell, some ad types may be more interesting and appropriate than others. For example, if your business sells art, you may want a platform that offers more visual design features rather than text-only ad formats. When searching for ideal creative options, consider what type of content your target audience wants to see. This should determine how you tell your story.
  • Your budget  – While ad creation platforms offer the cheapest way to create and run your ads, they all have different subscription fees. You may want to choose a platform that offers all the ad creation features you need at an affordable price. A platform like ADYOUNEED offers a flexible pricing model where you only pay for the ads you need at that moment. If it works for you, great.
  • Easy platform integrations  – Your ad creation software of choice should easily integrate with your existing ad accounts and networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. The more integration the better.
  • Ad personalization options  – An ad creation platform with a wide variety of templates, ad editing tools, personalization kits and design elements, allowing you to personalize your creatives to express your brand voice and increase the consistency of your brand image.
  • Target audience  – By knowing your target audience, you will gain an advantage in determining the most appropriate advertising media and channels to use. Find out if they prefer video ads, photos or text ads.


Is there artificial intelligence to create ads?

Adcreative.ai is a top-notch AI ad creation tool  that helps brands use Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc. It helps create highly effective ads and social creatives for marketing campaigns on various platforms such as.

Is advertising creative artificial intelligence good?

AdCreative.ai makes serving Google ads easy. This made it easier for me to advertise on Google. I recommend it to anyone who has problems running ads on Google Ads. Creative designs sometimes look the same but at the end of the day I only choose one.

What AI can I use for marketing?

1. Jasper AI (for copywriting)
2. Surf SEO (for writing SEO content)
3. Writer.com (content writing for teams)
4. FullStory (for digital experiences)
5. Zapier (for automating tasks)
6. Hemingway App (for content editing)
7. Chatfuel (for chatbots)
8. Grammarly (for content editing)

Can artificial intelligence create Facebook ads?

Appy Pie Design leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve your Facebook ad creation process  . You can quickly and easily create unique, visually appealing Facebook ads with AI-generated suggestions for text, images, and design elements.

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Best AI Ad Creation Platforms: Conclusion

You no longer need to spend hours creating ads. The best  ad creation platforms not only speed up your ad creation process, but also automate scheduling, delivery, and performance tracking.

Still not sure which platform to use? Try AdCreative.ai. It is my first choice because it is easy to use and has a wide range of features. Additionally, this platform can increase your conversion rate by 14 times compared to other platforms.

If you are looking for a platform with advanced data analysis and powerful AI tools for different types of ad content creation, Predis.ai may work best.

Identify your business’s advertising needs and subscribe to a platform that can help you achieve them.


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