What is a Cookie?


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Cookies, a technology used by websites to offer users a better experience, are very popular today. We encounter consent notices regarding the use of cookies on almost every website. Why are cookies used in this article? and what are its types? You can access information such as.Cookies are text files containing small pieces of data, such as letters and numbers, that are used to identify your computer when it is connected to a computer network. These text files are created on the server specifically for your connection and your computer. It is widely used to improve the internet experience and make it more efficient.

For what purposes are cookies used?

In general, there are 3 main purposes of using cookies. These;

Session management: Cookie helps the session to take place on the websites without the need to log in each time.

Personalization: Cookies ensure that internet advertisements are personalized. For example, ads are shown to users who live in a certain region.

Tracking Users: Cookies used in e-commerce sites are used to show users different products that they will like, similar to the products they have viewed before.

What are the Types of Cookies?

First-Party Cookies: These are cookies created automatically by websites and used for optimization.

Thirtd-Party Cookies: This is a type of cookie that is not created by the visited website, but is created by the advertisements on the site. It is preferred by the people or institutions providing the advertisement to present more effective advertisements to the user and for retargeting.

Session Cookies: Session Cookies, which are non-permanent types of cookies, keep information about the websites visited by the user until the user closes the internet browser. It is used to track user interaction between pages in a session.

Authentication cookies: They are used to prevent the member from having to re-enter user information on each page after logging in to a website with his/her username and password.

Persistent Cookies: It is a type of cookie that is not temporary and is stored until a certain date. The date of deletion is determined by the visited website, or you must perform manual deletion. Examples include the page’s language settings or login information.

Zombie Cookies: These are cookies that repeat themselves after being deleted. It is not easily removed compared to other types of cookies. However, some modern internet browsers have the option to delete Zombie Cookies.

How to Delete and Remove Cookie?

Deleting cookies is a very easy and simple process. To do this, it will be enough to go to the settings and privacy section of the browser you are using and then delete the browsing data. In general, this process is similar in all internet browsers.

If you want to remove and disable cookies from your computer, you can turn off the permissions by going to the settings and privacy section of the browser you are using.

In summary, cookies are internet technologies that are frequently used to save you time and provide better performance when you visit websites. At this point, a question may come to mind as to whether cookies can cause harm. Since the data contained in cookies cannot be changed, there is no negative situation. Your computer cannot be infected with viruses or other malware. However, cookies on websites may be compromised as a result of some cyber attacks. In this case, they can provide session history or access to the pages you browsed. To avoid this situation, you should make sure that the websites you approve for the use of cookies are reliable.


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